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  • there is this same message I KEEP getting this morning from my Guides and's simple but boggling my mind...
    so watch this Video Deea and..this LOVE thing and the AGE of Aquarius..
    all these hearts healing..and so this and let me know what you get?..also the second video is the FILM the 5th Element again the same theme..regarding Protecting the EARTH and the LIGHT..that final scene in that movie was LOVE.........same message...
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  • Hi Hun loved the background vintage wall paper and had to send you a sample down below ..again hugs and I so value you in my life..
    smiles.......I slept great and feel so much lighter today..thank you
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  • Sending butterfly dreams and love your way :)

  • Guess what song was in my head when I woke up this morning? Yes, I am ready to go, go, go... Loved the picture!

    Think about the positive, the love, the bliss, the splendor of your life and your dreams.

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  • Hi ya Deea , ya its comeing along , im getting no help so it's takeing me longer . lol i believe i prefer it though , it's at least peaceful out there . It sure is physicailly wippeing me out though . up and down that ladder is a bugger . I know the ground is so soft so its scary a bit as the ladderr wants to jiggel around in the soft dirt . I get her done though
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