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  • hi Digger

    I have never heard from you.  Have you quit PI GROUP

  • hi Digger

    Thans very much for the reply i thought you might be busy and wont answer my email and also thanks for letting me know that i can do face cut technique too.  Call me barmy but i initially thought that these techniques work for people having certain kind of faith like Christians but i dont want to be negative anymore and certainly will try your technique. If you dont mind answering my question which of your photo is taken after using the face cut technique? you dont have to answer if you dont want to. Many Thanks again for adding me as your friend. 

  • hi Digger

    Thanks for adding me as your friend and i want to learn about that technique about face cut discussion and do we have to close eyes and imagine that manifestation is happening right now and am i right some people will see results faster and it will take time for some people

  • HI Digger, and thanks for the friend request ...


    and yes I gave Athena an Aeed Milad Saeed to her because its her birthday and I know her hubby is Arabic so it was just a nice gesture.


    Also I speak a little Arabic, a little French and a little Italian ...


    love and light Gen

This reply was deleted.