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  • Hi Divine Love. Thanks for the request.
    And thank you for your thoughts for my grandma. :-)
  • Of course we can be friends love, we ARE!
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  • It was very good to hear from you, too, Cyndi. Ahh, the snow. It's beautiful, and I love to watch it fall. The problems we're having here (Philly area) is there's no place to park! I was out today and traffic was horrendous -- just driving around and around until somebody vacated a spot that was plowed. There are mountains of snow, and more on the way! But it's all good. Have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous week, Cyndi!

  • Cyndi, I'm sending you diamonds and roses and lots of love for Valentine's Day and every day!

  • Happy Valentines Day from the Goddess of Love. Marilyn, not me! :-) Here's a flood of love for you all week!

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  • Jan 23 Canucks 5 Chicago 1 Yeah Baby!
  • we'll see how they stack up this Sat. Crosy's on fire again, but the Canucks just lost 3 in a row, so they'll be ready.


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