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  • Thank you so much Donna , on Wen you commented on my post and left me the link to your website I read it for like a hour then the vary next day i started a journal using some of your guidelines and it is amazing i feel great  good things are coming my way threw the days.So i just want u to know how thankful i am for that  thank Brandi
  • Hello! Thank you so much for accepting my friend request :)
  • hello hunn how r u?
  • Hello :D

  • Myeeos Comments @
  • hey donna 
Do u knw anythin abt indigo adults????
Is it juz a fancy term or som real ppl who are different and gifted or cursed????
Pleez don't give me a link for this answer
I want to hear from u personally (from ur xperience n point of view)
U seem to be quite knowledgable....
  • hey donna 
I saw ur listin on tim's thread 
Thanx for the link.....
I wd really appreciate if u cd reply to this dscussion.....
  • Thank you so much..

    I already started a thread on the topic sometime back...its link is :

  • Hello :)

    I left a msg for you...please check your inbox .

    Thank you :)

  • Your website is amazing!!!!
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