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  • hi Dorothy, for some reason it's not letting me reply to your messages? 

  • Thank you Stephanie.  Have a wonderful day.

  • hey siso
  • Hello there & many thanks for the warm is much appreciated! I'm trying to muddle my way around!  Here's to wishing you a wonderful 2018 as well!!!


  • You are a very kind person, thank you so much! 
    I wish you the best in ANYTHING you do.

  • " my happiness depends on me, so you're off the hook ".. wow what a powerful quote. I LOVE that! Thank you so very much. There are few words to decribe how much I needed that! Please know the amount of gratitude I have for you..
  • Hey Stef,
    Please let me know when you are online. I need your advice :)
  • What ZH replied earlier here, I give a big thumb! ;)

    Let's believe that we,ourselves create the highest good of our life!! 


  • than you for the invite


  • G'afternoon!

    I just wanted to apologize if I came off strong in that thread. Over the years it's just worn me thin always having people think that we're some ignorant warmongers, when we're really not that at all. As such, I have strong feelings over people saying things like that to me, rather than just trying to get to know us instead. As Americans, we also do the same thing to others, just as you did with us. For example, the media has trained many people here to think that Muslim = Terrorist, and that can cause people to think Middle Eastern = Terrorists also. Get what I mean? We both know that isn't true, but when that's the only focus that's given to it, it's easy to be mistaken about the truth of it. However, I should have gone about it in a more subtle tone, rather than reacting to it; for that, I apologize. 

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