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  • sending you lots of love and hugs Cheryl, and thanks for your pokes on my comment page ..I often forget I have a 'my page' and only saw your comments today.


    It is always so nice to find your comments on the forum too.  For many years here on PI I didnt explore the other pages of  PI except the Forum because my eyesight was so compromised ...but actually my eyesight is quite GOOD now and it is only force of habit that I dont look ....but there will be a lot more looking from now on.  And i will find you on facebook too and maybe even venture to skype


    Love andlight Gen

  • thank you for the friend request and love flowerpatch! :) <3 May you be blessed with everything you want in life and loved by all! Something i REALLY need to work on! LOL
  • feels awesome to see that there is so much of love in PI....coming from everyone.... towards us....:)

       ISN'T IT FP


    Lots of love to you too my friend...

  • Sending you endless peace, love, happiness & blessings your way! I hope you're amidst the most wonderful week :) You & your positive energy are appreciated as always my dear~ Thank you for being you xox
  • I'm going to hope for the clean (or soon to be) load rather than the dirty load... But now, assuming you are talking about the washing machine.. were you atop it or beside it?  Because one is thinking of me and the other is thinking OF me... All that aside, I just wanted to let you know if this little kitty can get the hang of it, so too can you - WIDEN YOUR STANCE!


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  • Love to you too Cher...all is well. My family situation remains unchanged and that's ok...I really miss seeing the boys...thank God for sporting events where I can see them from afar.

    Much love to you and yours.

  • Oooppppsss, I forgot to say...


    I Love You Flowerpatch! :D



  • I dropped by your page to say 'hi' and leave you some love and I saw ddb's last picture to you - Wonder Woman with a widened stance and a washing machine! Words cannot express just how perfect that picture is, or how much I am laughing right now!! :D



  • Thanks and Hugs right back to you. =)
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