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  •  much love to you my girl!!!!!

  • 7294106666?profile=original

  • Miss u hunny x x
  • Don't make me widen my stance - I get stuck when I do that!!! rotflmao ;D

    Ok, I just realised, I got stuck cos I was doing it wrong. Good job I found these instructions;D


    Now, on the count of three...1...2...3.....ooooopppssss!! I can't get up!!! HELP!!!!!

  • Miss you, girlfriend! :)

  • Okay.  Where (moo) are you!!!!!???????  Where Where (beef) Where???  

  • I saw this and thought of you! ;D


    Love you girl!! :D Sending you a big hug and loads of love too xoxo

  • I am thinking of you, my dear sweet friend.  Hope you are having the most wonderful day!




    Sweet xx

  • Thanks for adding me, Sure - be happy to chat :-) 

  • Hi lovely lady...


    You are so thoughtful.... and I love you dearly!  Thank you for your lovely message and here is some new flowers for your patch...xx



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