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  • come sail away

    with me & Imagination,

    come sail away to mysticle visions

    and magical horizons......

    Spirit's message is: Come Create with Me!




  • hi flowerpatch,

    when are we gona chat?

    sincerely wishing,


  • hello you !!!!!!!!! just dropping by to tell u i was thinking of u today xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Cheryl!

    Reading an unusual book about manifesting: A HAPPY POCKET FULL OF MONEY by David Cameron Gikandi. 

    Here's an interesting quote....

    "Money is the ‘body’ of value. It is the physical representation of value that rises and falls in ourselves, within us. Not within ‘things’ outside of us, but within us. For without us, what can the value of a thing, such as a car, be to us? Nothing, at least not to us. In other words, it is we, the observers, that place value in things, but this value is really value in us – we give value to the material things. The material things have no ‘money’ value in themselves – we give that to them. So, money is the external physical representation of a particular section of our internal value, within us, within you."

    Never heard it put quite that way (Or maybe it's just finally making sense).

    Hope that's meaningful to you, Cheryl. :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

    Tink Serval

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  • dear flowerpatch its been rough here but sustainiing a sanity of heavens blessed.....blessings to you...(unlimited)

    wish we could chat, but i know it is forbidden!

    write back as you can be a light in a mixed world..


     Bullion Grey

  • Hello Gorgeous Girl...

    Always thinking of you my dear friend.  It is a beautiful day here in the UK, sunny and warm and fresh!  Sending you peace, love and happiness for the most beautiful day!


    Anne xx


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