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  • Thank you Cheryl! Baba sends his love and blessings to you!! Take care! 

  • Hi Flower, it is so nice to come back and find old friends. It takes time to find people who have changed their names and or avatars.  But you kept your name ...thats great !  How are you and what has been happening in your life since I last talked to you?

    My son Mathieu has finished his degree, he spent a year in China and loved it so much he inspired me to learn Chinese too. My daughter Vanessa did three years of ballet but then had to leave it and work in a hotel.  But she hopes soon to go back and finish and maybe become a choreographor.

    I go in and out of employment but I really want to be retired ... with lots of money and travel, and spas and Abe cruises he he he ....

    Life has been good, and my health is amazing !

  • Hi-i!

    Thanks for your birthday greeting! I really appreciate it!

    So thoughtful of you. :) :) :)

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  •  Hi !!! Good to see you too!!! I'm always online!!!


  • 7297774473?profile=original:) Thank you, sweet Flowerpatch for your comment. You are the loving presence in our forums. :)

  • Hello my dear friend!!!! ((((((HUGS)))))) <3 <3 <3

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  • P E A C E
  • Praying for Elle that the path of peace falls before him or her.
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