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  • What do I love?

    i love sleeping on the grass. 

    Especially with my dog.

    i love the sunshine in my face 

    and a sunshower

    i love feeling a bug crawl across my hand

    or watching a bee on a flower

    i love sitting with my feet in the stream 

    and seeing the sun light up the rocks under the water

    and thinking aboutnpeople who have died

    and I love laughing with my friends

    and feeling like I'm ten again

    and forgetting who I'm supposed to be

    and just being me

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  • Hello flower patch it is Bullion If you get to read this soon come to Instagram and find me. I wish to talk with you again. I hope this finds you healthy wealthy and wise :-)
  • I'm so blessed to have this space I sometimes call home. 

  • much appreciated <3

  • If you will give more attention to what is flowing through
    you toward something, instead of what's flowing through
    someone else toward you, things will get better right away.


  • Why does life have to hurt so much sometimes? 

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