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  • I'm always with you Cheryl !!


  • OMG!!!!!!!  So good to hear from you!!!  I feel likes it been decades!  Hope you and yours are fantabulous!! 

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  • Hiya again. Back at my laptop again, so here are the links as promised to my last 2 affirmations posts. Hope you enjoy. Affirmations Guide and 16 tips and hints MAybe you can let me know what you think. And of course, if you do enjoy or feel they will inspire others then please feel free to share. And hope you also enjoy some of the other blog posts on my site. x

    Positive Affirmations: Law of Attraction Guide - Best Law of Attraction
    Positive affirmations: Law of Attraction guide - What are affirmations? How and when to do them. Plus a look at negative affirmations. 265 free affir…
  • Hiya. Thanks alot for the request. I will send the links to you in the morning when I am in my laptop again. It's 3am here and I've just woken up and so off to bed again very soon. ☺️

  • I hope all has been amazing your way Flowerpatch. I'm not sure if you remember me from years back, but I had popped in today and plan to frequent again. Anyways, I just wanted to shoot you a message since you were always someone pleasant to speak with, and wish you all the best. 

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