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    Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. ~Langston Hughes

    i've been out enjoying a little warm rain & wish you happiness in all the things life offers.

    have a great weekend,
  • okay, Gary, my email is look forward to hearing from you! becky
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    “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.”
    ~Joel Barker

    My beautiful friend, each of us is here on a mission to make her/his unique difference in the world by taking action on your vision and making the difference that only you can make.
    Each of us is necessary to make this beautiful love-inspired mosiac come together as the beautiful vision of what can be; a beauty-fill, harmonious and prosperous world for all! ~Dave

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    Together We Can Change The World
  • I am not sure who told me about your efforts. It was one of my friends in this community....I received an email, but I don't think I saved it. I will look. It just struck me that you are doing such a wonderful thing. I know that my son's father who is Iraq feels forgotten about and does not feel much support from the government, etc. It is the efforts of companies and individuals such as yourself that are making the difference for these men, women, and families!!

    I am also part of a start up effort for a company called "Grab My Hand"...We are changing the way people are helping people. I will forward your information to our Director. Perhaps we can help spread the word.

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    wishing you a beautiful autumn

    love & light,
  • I almost forgot: Thank you, Gary, for offering me your special service when we come to Arizona. I heard that it is a Paradise for Canadians in the winter.
  • May GOD bless you, Gary! You are truly giving from your heart and in the SPIRIT. -- It is in the Joy of Giving where we receive the Power to Success. Just visualize your constructive dreams and they shall materialize!
    Your Friend Fred
  • Thanks Gary my new friend!!! How are you????
    Love and best wishes!!! Misty.
  • we have been banned from another company saying its not right to advertise and tell people that we Quote are willing to give out troops free rides f anyone wants to write to them write to us and i will send you there email and then you can tell them w are doing this for GOD COUNTRY AND FOR TROOPS coming HOme to ARIZONA thats all what are they doing for the TROOPS well some f you have sent alot of thing to us already and thanks GOD BLESS those that have and we are getting our government behind us soon as we ahve meeting with our congress and senators soon so please pray for our troops first and that we can provide service for them when they come back to AZ before some one says we cant even do that...Gary Tennant owner
  • Sounds fabulous and you are living your passion.Truthwithin Lovin Life Empress Joyce
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