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  • Hi Gail,

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    My friend, your dreams are able to transform your life; once you embrace them and take inspired action your life will begin it's transformation until you are living your perfect days. ~Dave

  • Thank you, Gail, for your kindness ~! (smile)

    All things Loving, Light and Beautiful ~***~
    Peace and Much Care ~ Michael :)


  • Take care...Hug Nina
  • A wonderful Easter for you Gail..
    Love and Peace
  • 9_easter_joyous.gif
  • All the same to you!
    Peace and love to you from me!!
  • Have a beautiful Easter weekend ♥
  • Thank you gail....need to have that....I have lost the drive and the concentration of the Secret...I have had some tough stuff for the past 2 weeks and I am feeling lost... and hard to keep positive about what life is for me now.....came to this site hoping for something to inspire me..but I dont know now....everyone is so happy and positive..thank you anyway.....
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