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  • Hi Gary! Welcome to Powerful Intentions! :-) It's so nice to meet you!! I hope you have fun and enjoy your time here! I would like to extend a personal invitation to you to join my group here at Powerful Intentions: The Magic Happens. Hope to see you there!
    Happy Trails
  • Oh dear am I with you! I too wish to amass $ one million dollars within the next 3 years. We are online! I have so many things I wish to do for others with this money. Many hopes. Many Dreams that will come true within the next three years. I have read many, many books, but I can't say that I can pick one over the other. I have been helped/shown the way by each book in its own way. Blessings to you Gary.....Linda

  • Hi There!

    It's all of you that make me feel spectacular!
    Such a lovely, generous group of people here
    at Powerful Intentions!

    We've nine books on powerful intentions,
    free psychic readings on our radio show,
    and four free astrology programs for you!

    We have crystal classes to clear your
    chakras and enhance your abundance.

    Please enjoy and tell your friends!

    Love and Light,

  • Hi Gary, I understand and I totally agree with you. I know that if we want to change the world that we have to change ourselves. What I'm having a problem grasping is only hypothetically speaking of course. What if this administration was to take away your freedom, your house, your money, just bring down this entire nation the only thing that you have ever known and come to love.

    Do we just sit and let it happen?

    I'm not going to go and protest in the streets. But I would like to be informed so that I could share with other people like myself so that we can meditate on the issue at hand to stop things from happening.

    I don't think ignoring it and going about my life will do anything.

    I did do a visualization last night of washing Bushs feet to try and forgive him for what he has and is doing.

    I do not want to spread hate by any means. I'm just looking to spread love and to teach as many people about LOA and to better myself. I am on a amazing journey.

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  • Hi Gary, Your journey sounds like an amazing one. I have been following Abraham as well. It is truly amazing to know that any questions that we have,they are there. I call on God often and ask him for my intuition and clarity. When I feel really blocked I have found clearing my chakras really help especially when using crystals. It gives it a extra boost at God speed!!!

    Truly is amazing when we live in syncronicity with the God Universe!!!

    Wishing you much love and peace
  • Welcome!...Have FUN!...and enJOY!!!

    Bob :>)
  • Welcome to Powerful Intentions Gary! I'm sure you'll love this amazing community of like-minded individuals!!

    In Peace,

  • The key to the law of attraction is to understand that we are attracting to ourselves in every moment by the vibration that we are offering. The vibration that we are offering is a direct result of the way we are flowing our energy and our predominant thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

    A low frequency vibration is equivalent to energy flow (i.e. thoughts) contrary to what we want in our life. Conversely, high frequency vibration occurs when we are appreciating and thinking thoughts that are in synchronisim with the intentions that we have set-out in our lives.

    The key to staying in a higher frequency vibrational state is to think thoughts that are pleasing and to appreciate (bask in) the wonderful things that are in our lives right now. When we want something that we don't have, we need to visualize what we want with emotion and passion and start appreciating it or basking in the having of it as if it was already ours.

    If we get side-tracked into noticing that it hasn't shown-up yet, then we are vibrating with the lack of it rather than the having of it, and therefore will get more lack of it.

    The easiest way to get our vibrational energy where we want it is through heart-felt appreciation. That includes appreciation of our vision, appreciation of the things in our life right now, and appreciation of the fact that others have it. When that is coupled with inspired action, and the action takes us toward what we want, then our beliefs are reinforced and we are able to flow even more positive energy and "attract" even more appreciative thoughts, more inspriration for action, and ultimately the thing that we desire.
  • Hi there.

    I just wanted to welcome you to the New Powerful Intentions site. I have been on the new and old sites for about a year now and I really love it.

    Please stop by my page anytime to chat! I love photography, spending time with family and friends and nature. I manage a nature center so nature is one of my favorite things.

    Please feel free to add me as a friend.

    Hope to see you soon!

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