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  • So you havent done it yet.. So much to look forward too,,, But do you think it will give you something you miss ? If so you can look all around the world.. And not find it.. You have it already.. Inside... Hug Nina
  • I saw that you where hangliding and even if I only have been plane once I can imagine the feeling. Is there a more free space ? Dont think so..
    I wonder if I will do it some day ? Of course.. Since all my fears are gone now... Hug Nina
  • Giovanni dearest how nice to be able to get to know YOU.. I belive you are intrested in knowing who your closest guardianangel is.. Remember that english isnt my own language so if I write wrong tell me. Angels come with love to YOU and if you want to know more can you mail me your whole name... Big hug and lots of sun.. Nina
  • Hey Giovani,

    How are you, dear friend???
    We hope all is (s)well :-)

    We haven't been around during the last few days.
    We were busy with some hectic tasks, so no time was
    left for PI...

    Thanks so much for your comment on our rainbow photo.

    This was a magical moment indeed.
    It was spring time. We were heading back from 5 days of
    festival down in the southern desert. It started raining just
    as we started packing our camping gear and soon started
    flooding. We shoved everything into the vehicle and headed
    up north.
    On the way, we nearly got stuck in the floods (perhaps we'll
    put some photos on our page...). Then, as we approached the
    center area, those magnificent two rainbows appeared and
    lasted for nearly an hour.

    In this region where the photo was taken, they grow flowers
    for picking and the combination of huge rugs of colourful
    flowers with the rays of light was magnetic. So many drivers
    crowded the road banquet, stopping to watch and take photos
    - they formed a long convoy, taking photos with cell phones
    and cameras.

    Ahhh... the wonderful joys of life on this planet.


    Sending you a huge hug for a great week!

    Love, Namaste,

    Ben & Efrat

  • Yes, Giovani, so say we all!

    Tenderly the day touches my skin, ever so lightly, as I walk around the lake...taking in the ripples of water in motion...feeling, seeing, tasting the essence of life.
  • Hi Giovani!

    It is good to know that you too are in this space of Powerful Intentions! I tell ya' the internet is truly a global village and I love it!

    May we continue to hold powerful visions and give birth to our Divinity!
  • Thank you for your appreciative comments on my story 'Candy Pants', and for visiting my profile. I think hang-gliding sounds fantastic. I will have to add that to my 'to do' life list. This year, I'm going to get up close and personal with Sea Turtles, my favorite animals, because they follow the light from birth and that's how they survive. Thanks for following the light to my profile and for being my friend.
    Surely, the law of attraction is a miracle.
    Hugs, from Sara / Aka artysgal on
  • Thank you for your comment on my site. I'm still very cute hehe!

    Have a nice day
    Hugs :-))
  • Giovani, hi!!!
    You're so welcome!! I was doing a random search and it came up! I was so happy to see it! How are you? Hows the songwriting game coming for you??

  • I really thought the Library was warm and at home like. I also enjoyed the session with Andres and Renaee. I am so glad they take their time out and do this for us, they are just great people. They are a living example of how the Law Of Attraction works to pay bills and be able to live and give.
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