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  • hi giovani  im sarah im new here i wanted to ask you if  you changed the color of your eye i wanted to ask if its true and if it is could you please tell me how you did it i would love to know how because im hoping to change my eyes from brown to blue please reply  thanks
  • For some reason I think you may like this song and love this version as much as I do.

  • Hi Giovani


    Thanks for the lovely message you left on my wall re sensitivity about men & women differences.  I will admit that it frequently intrigues me that on a site like PI, where it's all about belief and thoughts creating reality, how many people are prepared to believe that there is some sort of fundamental truth around men and women being different.  Yes, there are differences - or we would all be unisex or hermaphroditic - but they don't exist to the degree that people are prepared to give power to.  The vast majority are societal - or nurture versus nature. But the fact we are prepared to treat them like nature keeps us trapped in that cycle...  Not that I've given it much thought!!!! So thanks for the lovely comment and the lovely song - SB's is a lot more wistful and creates a very different feeling.

  • Thanks! Your contributions don't go unnoticed either m'dear :) I love your energy!
  • Thank you Geovani for the kind words.  I like your soul!
  • Thank you Giovani! That beautiful picture came originally from Astroharmony! I wonder where she is now? I hope you have the most wonderful day today!  :) :) :) :) Love you a ton!
  • Who loves you????? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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