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  • P.S. That Shonen Knife song made me laugh! Japanese culture can be so quirky & cool! One of my fave movies ever is definitely the Japanese animation "Spirited Away" I've seen the English version & even the Japnese one with English subtitles & I've probably seen it about 10 times! It's quite surreal in a way. I also like "The Cat Returns" These are by Hayo Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli. I like the majority of their work, not all & NOT tales from Earth Sea. Howl's Moving Castle is another one I like a lot too.
  • As always your photo comments are so lovely & cool, thanks! The fract veg amazing! & yes Japan IS on my travel list!! I love seeing the outside of the glass temple, haven't seen a photo of the outside!!
  • You are just so magnificent Giovani that I cant find the words lol I love ya!!!!

  • I love dancing......


  • Dance like nobody is watching....enjoy!

  • Hi Giovani...thank you for the cute song...made me smile. You have a way of making me do that!!!



  • Ha ha cheeky! You've been reading the replies from all the man-crazy gals on my male babe thread too long!! ;-) You made me burst out laughing on the bus today! It's a wonder nobody gave me an odd look & hopped off! Will check out my groups! Haven't been to China yet - just Singapore & Hong Kong - but I'd like to. I'd also LOVE to go to Malaysia for Christmas!
  • Giovani, thank you for accepting my friendship :-)

    This is sooo interesting what you wrote on my profile, I love it. 

     I'd be honored to stay in touch with such great person! 

    Much love

  • You're welcome!

    all the good thing coming your way.


  • I do believe, I do believe......


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