Goldilocks left a comment on Abundance & Prosperity in Florida
"Greetings, Fellow Sun-Lovers!

We have just moved to Florida, and are so happy to be here! Would love to hear from you all!"
Jan 18, 2009
Goldilocks left a comment for Kim
"Just wanted to say "hey!" to a fellow Verve-er! This business is going really great for us here in AZ...and I can't even imagine a day without Vemma/Verve anymore! Best of Luck to you. Happy to share business building tips anytime!

Plus, we're…"
Sep 12, 2008
Goldilocks left a comment on Multiple Streams of Passive Income
"What a great group! I, too, believe that Network Marketing is the wave of our truly abundant futures! I also know the importance of Multiple Streams, so...I'll show you mine, if you show me yours! I've checked out quite a few opportunities, before…"
Jun 29, 2008
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"You are beautiful and perfect and AMAZING...just the way you are! I am grateful for YOU!!!!!"
May 21, 2008