Grace left a comment on Granting Wishes Experiment [the group]
"I wish that me and my best friend Eden will get positive results on our Airline application. I claim it! We will be an international Flight Attendant.."
Oct 6, 2014
Grace left a comment on Granting Wishes Experiment [the group]
"*Me and my friend Dyan will make it to Japan Airlines recruitment process for flight attendant this April! Great Career for both of us. Sky here we come! :)
*My family are always safe, happy and in good health! Prosperous as well! :)
*My S.O. will…"
Apr 15, 2009
Grace left a comment for MICHAEL J BOUNASIS
"Hi! Im good. How about you? Thanks for the add by the way. :) Godbless!"
Apr 11, 2009
Grace replied to QueenieAthenie's discussion My wish in Granting Wishes Experiment [the group]
"¤I'd soon become a flight attendant.. Successful career. Financial freedom. :)
¤My SO would be very successful to whatever he will pursue. Also, he would show me up to the world. :)
¤Good health and m0re prosperous life to my family. :)"
Apr 5, 2009
Grace replied to mispig's discussion What's is one thing you appreciate about your signifacant other in I deserve love
"My man is such a wonderful person. He is thoughtful, fun to be with, responsible. He's not selfish. I learned alot fr0m him. :)"
Apr 4, 2009