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  • Hi Kristen! What a wonderful site you have. We do have the same goals, which is awesome! May your evening be filled with joy, light, and serendipitous moments :-)
  • Hello, and Peace be with you
  • I have been told I am a healer. Once my ex boyfriends brother was in the hospital. He has a bone infection from a surgery and it was in his heart too. They had used all antibiotics. Thinking they would think I was crazy (I really liked his brother too) I sent all the positive energy I had to him 2 hours away. The next day he was tons better. I don't know I did that, but it certainly didn't hurt. I never told my boyfriend. Nice to share that with someone that understands and I may be here a while tonight. I don't have my kids and this is so much fun!!!!! And you are welcome to bend my ear anytime.
  • Thank you so much for the very helpful 80/20 advice. It is really just what I needed - so much of the "diet" information out there is so drastic, unhealthy and difficult. I am really looking for improving my diet, and not "dieting". I will definitely look up more information on that!
  • Please add me as a friend. God I can't tell you how happy I am for this. I asked for it and got it. I was on Myspace and it was too young for me, this is perfect. Thanks for understanding. I am feeling so blessed right now!! I was a massage therapist so I am all into reiki. I actually think I have helped heal people and they didn't even know, nor did I dare tell them. :o)
  • Alors, Bravo et bon courage !
  • sorry about that>LOA stands for Law of Attraction
  • Hello Kristen,
    Thanks for the greeting. It looks like this could be a very exciting place.
  • Kristen,
    thanks for your comment. Actually you alerted me to the fact that the accepting comments was not turned on, lol
  • Hi,
    I wrote Colorology and lived in a motor home for many years traveling across the US doing readings and lecturing. It could have been anywhere.
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