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  • you are infinite love and light!

  • I'm about the same as usual, Jane.
    How are you?
  • thank you so's comming along and i am excirted to see how things will turn out in faith....much love to you and look forward to getting to know you and helping with your dreams as well...

    God Bless;
    love to you

    The Mystery..
  • Grandma
    Thank you all for your prayers and kind words...
    She was sent back home under a not so intensive treatment but the hope of a slow and steady recovery...
  • France is small and has different climates. I'm south of France, not far away from Pyrénées, mountains making border with Spain, I agree with you that in winter is warmer than Vermount...I lived in Canada for 15 years and in Uganda for 10. I can tell you one thing. Life is better where you are well in your own skin and that does not depend on the outside T, whether in Farenheit or Celcius. Much love to you. Time for bed me!!! Catherine
  • Thank you for adding me as a friend. I like your powerful pictures full of fun and love. Amicalement. Catherine who wishes run away in a warmer place than Vermont
  • jaja

    mi madre es loca or mi madre está loca

    my mother is crazy

    well...........ill practice english...........i used to speak and write very well........but then i stoped doing that for

    tomorrow is 8-8-8 see you!!
  • thanks to youuuuuuu

    do you speak spanish??

    see you
  • Hi Jane,

    I would definitely be willing to share information about Young Living Essential Oils with you. Did you go to my website? You can sign up for my newsletter there. My email is and my toll- free number is 866 321- 9135 if you want to leave a message. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Shawna Walker

    (ps- I didn't send an email here because I wasn't sure
This reply was deleted.