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  • Thank you for such a warm welcome! I look forward to connecting with many great people here and I seem to be off to a great start. Hope you have a great day! =)

  • Hi John
    I've just listen to you music on your MY Space page.
    Very peaceful and relaxing.

    Love and Light

    PS. It was my son that lead me you this site, his name is Tone.
  • Hi, John! Thank you for your warm welcome and responding. I look forward to future communiques. I'm new at this and learning as I go. My juice feast is now in its 39th day and I'm doing marvelous! Endeavoring to be totally raw for the rest of my life. I've discovered that food is a direct relationship to how I feel both spiritually and physically. I'm learning a whole bunch about what I need to feed my body for optimum health. Look forward to future contact. Namaste, Lorraine
  • Thank you John for adding me as your friend and for the wonderful welcome I recieved from you. Thank you very much.The honor is all mine.I am looking forward to know more about you.
    Best wishes:)
  • Thanks for the welcome, might I ask where you're from?
  • Hi John~ Graces for your warm message and for connecting~ I'm new to this wonderful site and I love meeting new like-minded, hearted and spirited souls - Please feel free to journey with us as we uncover and share the Wisdoms of the World on Wisdom Wide Open Radio ~ It's always free to listen~
    Blessings on your journey enlightening others of the Universal Laws~
  • Thank you for the warm welcome, John. :-) It's a pleasure to have you as a friend.

    Love & light
  • John,
    Thank you for the message. I am so excited that our paths have connected. I am excited to share our stories and learn more from one another. I look forward to find out how the Law of Attraction has changed your life. I have just started to write myonline twitter book .

    Have a wonderful Monday...
    Rebecca (lafemmeamor)
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