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  • Hi John, thanks for the video! I've been validated! That was just plain fun! Judy
  • Thanks =D........don,usa
  • Thank you John! Thank you.

    SueB. from windsor ont.Canada.
  • That was so beautiful John!!! I hope it was in TV 10 times a day and this world could be starting to be better. Thank you very much for make me stop thinking on my own problems for a while and show me that positivism is all that we need.
    Germania from Vancouver, Canada
  • Thank you John for this beautiful video!! That was very sweet of you. All I did was smile when I saw it!! I LOVED it!!

  • I left this email in my inbox (for over a month) without viewing the video till now... I guess it was not the right time before now.. thank you!!!!!!!! and yes.. it made me smile and it made me cry to, all at once. What an awesome story... thank you again.
    Trix from Australia.
  • Thank you, John

    that was a great video! I did laugh, smile and cry, sometimes all at the same
    I am very glad you put it on my page.

  • thank's a lot
    a seeit carefully.... blessings
    tamid aim
  • Thank You John for the video. This was wonderful
    Have a bless week
    Love and Hugs
  • I found a movie that you've been dropping around PI...and had to start a thread on it..LOA TV. (that's a link)

    Please put more stuff there if you feel like it...I can't wait to exclaim that I found the film because of you...Validation is the best best ever. ...well...I also like Bounding:

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