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  • Long time no see. Hope all has been well your way Johnny. 

  • Happy new year to you sweet lady, (from morning star to me)
    Reiki.... ok that sounds just up my street but you too can send reiki to the lovely dog.
    The act of sending reiki is vast and varied but you of all people can benefit this dog more than most because you have wonderful gifts of insight love and positivity.
    You may have heard of remote reiki..which is what you can do and I can do from long distance.
    And so, simply send out the best intentions for this dogs healing and see in your minds eye that he is healed and up and about playing happy and healthy. do it everyday. Ask johnny for a photo of his dog and focus on the photo to help you visualize his perfect healing.
    Basically it is just what we do with LOA as what we send out not only comes back to us, but aids those in the point of our focus as they are all part of our dream and if our dream (which it is of course) is to see this beautiful dog healed then so shall it be with our help ;-))))))))))
    Tell Johnny that Yourself and Morning Star shall be sending positive healing to his beloved dog and that he too must do the same as often as he can without resistance or sadness. And to send only love and positive 'feelings' towards the dog. Animals are amazing and resilliant as they are mostly in the vortex and they love the more we all send out positive vibrations the quicker his source energy will pick up on it and together we shall create a miracle ;-)))))))))
    Hope this helps Athena ;-)
    Love you so much already this January 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Work At Home Mom, WAHM, Mom Blogger

    I am stopping by to say "hello" :)
    I haven't been here in a while.
    I welcome your friendship :)

    Lea @ Mother Baby Child & Weight Loss Help

  • i like everything so my collections pretty big ha what bout you ?
  • Welcome to Powerful Intentions! Hope you'll add me as a friend. :) Looking forward to connecting more in the future and finding out more about you. I started my spiritual journey with Abraham-Hicks and have been learning from all different teachers every since. Feel free to check out my PI page and other sites for pictures and more about my story. Some fun pictures from our evening with the Agape Choir and Michael Beckwith from The Secret which was incredible. And also one from a run-in a while back with none other than Bob Proctor! :) Hope you've had an amazing weekend and are set for a great week!
    Prosperity & Light,
    Melissa in Arizona


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