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  • Hi thanks for adding. Please advise me.
  • Hi Johnson...kindly advice me how can I get my ex bf fall in love with me again..
  • Hi thanks for adding me. I’d love to chat about your story thanks
  • Hey! Thank you for sending friend request. I could really use your advice. :)
  • Hello Johnson
  • Hi would you mind sharing sharing your story please, would be helpful. Thanks
  • Hi . I really could do with your help. I still chasing my ex. I can’t get a handle on it . I really care form him but he’s adimant he want to be alone.
  • hey Johnson, i would love to hear about it ... kindly advise.

  • Hi.. Thank you for the request.. I am so grateful to find someone with whom I can share my thoughts.

  • Thank you for your message! I'm open to any help you can give me!
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