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  • Long time no see. I hope all has been great your way bro. 

  • I had recently manifested an internship magically.
    This is how it happened: I tried all sorts of things (physical action) but was pretty stuck vibrationally because I felt overwhelmed by the possibility that I will end up in a similar unwanted work situation again.I was not happy with the obvious ideal specifics that I had put forward before. I took a step back and thought about the opposite of what I am resisting and based on this I set my general intentions. They seemed too good to be true to my logical mind but felt ecstatic. There was nothing to lose. I put down things like - renowned institution with the best infrastructure, a city that is lively, a mentor who is highly intelligent, creative, a kind person with integrity, and many more super amazing qualities and is happy with my performance, a project so amazing that it feels like it is dropped from heaven,one that makes my soul dance , a no-pressure and all-inspiration work environment. I intended to blend well with my co workers and also like them a lot (Before this I always felt out of place as I was the only foreigner and didnt click that well personality wise) Oh and I also asked to have this opportunity fall in my lap , I had already applied to so many places and was tired of it.

    Guess what! My colleague from an old work place messaged to say Hi. We hadnt talked in a long time and we were not close or anything. I lied to him that I am still applying to many places . He said he used to work at this place and he could recommend me . I was selected easily. It is probably the liveliest city of the US and an IVY league institution affiliated with the top institution in the country that has the best infrastructure in my particular field and we often visit there to use their equipment. I did not know that this place had the best infrastructure before I joined this internship. My mentor is amazing and we connect on so many levels, he is one of the most inspiring people I have met in my life. He is very impressed with me in general. Previously I had arrived late for work and it was frowned upon. Here, my mentor didnt like to follow any schedule himself and wanted people to work based on their inspiration, being late was okay, missing an entire day was ok! My colleagues are not only great but they are all foreigners coming from warm cultures. My entire workplace is filled with highly qualified people, just how I like it to be. They appreciate me all the time and even write to me that they miss me and would like me to rejoin soon. My friends who worked in similar jobs were assigned meaningless entry level tasks in projects that they never chose or liked. But on day one my mentor asked me to choose my own independent project and the idea that he first proposed brought tears to my eyes because it was sooo good. My friends who worked at similar jobs always told me how their colleagues took credit for what they had done. My mentor not only recognizes me for what I do but he also gives me credit for his ideas.
    I was given an impossible offer to join them full time on a position that I am not even qualified to have.

  • hey jd, nice one!  looking forward to catching up soon :)

    oh but that smoldering look, and the whiskers...  wotever is behind them?..

    blessings to u, my frnd!

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