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  • Dear Josh, Thank you for your kind welcome. Nice to know someone's out there doing some good in the world. It's interesting to hear from some one in New Zealand. My mother was from Australia, your neighbor, I believe. She was a WW2 bride, back during the late forties. She spent the rest of her life here in Vermont, USA. Would like to hear more about you and that part of the world. Thanks so much. Sincerely Jen
  • Thanks for the invite Josh. This should be fun.
  • New Zealand?! Oh! I'm so jealous :)
    Love your website and I respect what ya'll are doing! If ya'll ever need another video edited, I would be happy to do it for ya!
  • Hi Josh thanks for the request!
  • Aloha Josh!


    Do you also surf waveski?
    and what is " carking "? :-}
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