Justin Dancing Hawk replied to Julia Rogers Hamrick's discussion MACIEK WRONSKI!! I'm attracting you now! in Law Of Attraction And Abraham-Hicks
"Hi Julia! I watched one of your videos tonight & have looked at your website! I'm excited to discover you & your wonderful information! Thank You for sharing it! I'll see what I can do to put a little boost to you finding Maciek! I believe when…"
Mar 16, 2009
Justin Dancing Hawk left a comment for Melissa K
"Hi Ya sweety! :-D}} Love your page, but a little more contrast in a few areas would make it easier to read! I need to tweek mine too! LOL! It's great to show of the sculpture, but he's hard to read over! LOL! I'm waitnig to hear back on the friend…"
Mar 12, 2009
Justin Dancing Hawk left a comment for Michelle
"Hi Michelle! Thanks! Glad you like my page! There IS a problem though that I'm trying to decide how I want to deal with it! Because of the Sculpture in the background, it's really hard to read some of it! Well, anyway, I'm really glad you like it!…"
Mar 10, 2009
Justin Dancing Hawk left a comment for Michelle
"Hi Michelle! Just wanna check in this AM! I'm painting every day now & have begun a new Native American Flute recording project this morning! I could use some techy help if anyone could please provide that! I have 4 tracks done , but I don't know…"
Mar 9, 2009
Justin Dancing Hawk replied to Marcy From Maui's discussion What Are You Grateful For Today? in The Secret Group And Forum
"I am delightfully thankful for the new / positive changes that are happening in my life since I joined BLC & PI !! I'm finding that the more I reach out, the better things seem to get! I've been reaching a lot, so......! LOL! I'm thankful for my…"
Mar 3, 2009