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  • thanks Kahu

  • Thank You... Kahu. please keep in touch or send me reading material to bring myself up... and manifest love and lots of caring nature from my husband.

    I want to be Happily married... 

    Thank you for being there to guide me and help me.


  • all the same thankyou ever so much for your teachings it was very appreciated
  • You may find it interesting just as i found your craft very interesting.

  • In addition I work with a Psyciatrist and a Psycologist working with cognitive therapys

  • Thanks for your insight into the way of shamanism, I found it very interesting but complicated also, I appreciate the time you took educating me on your craft. Maybe I could teach you my craft sometime I heal infections, Wounds, Disease and medical complaints with medicinal remedies. I think using medicinal healing in addition to the shamans spiritual healing would work good along side each other for complete healing. only if you are interested.

  • I will do thankyou for your warm welcome it is very welcoming so far everyone seems lovely in this community. have a lovely day sending you grattitude and warm wishes of wealth and health

  • Aloha Beautiful

  • Awesome are a very good photographer

  • A fellow Kiwi!! Good morning nice to meet you!

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