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  • Hello old friend, Thank you for reaching out! Doing ok! I guess i needed to come home to PI for some love! ((((hugs)))) im sorry to see PI has so few members now.

    I was indeed having a rough day when I spoke with Athena, needed some reassurance. My husband passed away and I was having some fear for him and I have managed to find peace. Its lovely to hear from the old PI family! Hope you are doing well!! Cheryl

  • 1994 june 16th: I am the only one who keeps her memory, the rest of the world goes back to the way they were on that day. Maybe you can remember, it is ok. 

  • Hi Kahu!!

    Absolutely! I believe in my higher self more and more daily! A few more developments - I have sent you a message. Please do be generous and share your thoughts with me... I really appreciated what you had to say the other day and would love to hear from you on these things!

    Sending many positive vibes,

    Para :)

  • Aloha Kahu! Thank you for adding me! I really enjoyed our conversation the other day ... funnily I couldn't stop myself questioning other things but once I came back to my normal self, the answers came... one answer which I hadn't had any hope of coming any time soon came upon me through a stray errant thought and it made perfect sense at that moment. Looking forward to more thought provoking conversations with you in the future :)

  • lol not at all sure how to even find that ...

  • Thanks for the note Kahu ... am slowly figuring out how to get around lol

  • Hi Kahu,

    I may have git it wrong, but if you'd "added" me (looks that way), i'm honoured, thank you!  :)

    Not very technical, myself, and it's fiddly navigating things on the phone, so i'm not sure whether it means that we can exchange pm's.  Would be great! :) But maybe i'll c u again in chat room at some point anyway.  So, have a pleasant evening!

  • Hi Kahu,

    I stumbled across your post while reading about time travelling. I would like to learn more about shamanic practices. Can you add me as a friend?

    Thanks and regards,


  • Thank you :)
  • Have a wonderful birthday! I enjoyed your thread on illnesses. You rock!
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