Kari replied to Kara's discussion RIGHT NOW BELIEVE in Anything is Possible!
"I believe...and I'm lucky because so does my husband - so we have double belief!"
Jan 19, 2012
Kari replied to Neko Chan's discussion Altering Breast Size/Shape in Changing Physical Appearance
"I have heard of a woman changing her breast size as she lost weight. Apparently she was losing weight on her breasts as well as the rest of her body, and she wasn't happy with that, so she pictured the weight coming off her problem areas like her…"
Jan 18, 2012
Kari replied to Jack Rain's discussion Check This Out! Michael Jackson's reality creation method.... in Changing Physical Appearance
"Whatever he was talking about it shows that he was quite aware about life and the mind/body connection. It would have been interesting to hear more from him in interview and the like."
Jan 18, 2012
Kari posted a discussion in Magic and Miracles
We lost a pet not long ago and since then we have heard her all throughout the house. Sometimes barking; sometimes coming up the stairs; sometimes slamming herself against the floor - which was a huge trait of hers. Very shortly after we saw her a…
Mar 31, 2010
Kari left a comment for Saverio Filippis
"Hey. Here's that link I was talking about. http://enlightenment-course.com. Ahhhhh enlightenment. Let me know what you think."
Jan 5, 2010
Kari left a comment for Marieq
"Cool. I'm glad you signed the petition. They have a lot of petitions at that site so I tend to pick one or I'll be there all day signing them. lol."
Sep 14, 2009
Kari left a comment for Jeevan Kalyan
"My mind can't 'relax' enough for astral travel etc.... I can meditate very well with help but I guess I'm scared to astral travel so my mind won't let me. Not sure what I'm worried about but whatever it is I can't get to that level."
Sep 10, 2009
Kari left a comment for Saverio Filippis
"Hello! Been a while since I talked to you. Looking good. Who's that sexy girl with you? lol. We're going to look like that again in about a month. ahhhhh sweet Hawaii."
Sep 9, 2009