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  • Thank u Karolina for ur message.Have a beautiful weekend full of smiles and love.take care xx

  • thx for warm words, the same to you :P

  • Hello Karolina, you seem like a nice person and I would be glad to be your friend, if you want to.

  • Hi Karolina!

    You're probably familiar with NLP Salad (the company). [Their actual name seems to be Salad, Ltd. But how useful is that?]

    Anyway, Michael Watson shares a nifty pain-control technique that most NLP people almost know. But the gumption to put it into practice is a lot of what needs to be cultivated in NLP, and this does a great job of easing viewers into that realization.

    Hope that gives you a smile & some ideas, Karolina! :D

    Sunshine & Blessings,

  • Hi Karolina., You are so right with what you said about James etc. Thanks for putting it into a clearer perspective. Love and hugs, Cheryl

  • Hi Karolina,

    Thanks for joining The Enchanted Factory! :O)

    Look, what first got me excited about you was your interest in really getting something out of NLP, really helping people tap into their inner resources. That's an admirable impulse, Karolina.

    So, I dropped into the discussion on NLP vs LOA and saw that not much was happening there and checked out your Facebook group. Still gestating, I guess. And you haven't yet contributed any actual work at the Factory, so I'm kind of limited in what I can comment about.

    HOWEVER, if you're interested in seeing some of what I've learned and developed in action, I might have something that'll renew your faith in NLP, etc. Yes it's inspired, but there's nothing about what I've done that can't inspire others to really let their light shine. In fact, I've even analyzed it a good bit in one of my Ning blogs....

    If the subject of that blog post interests you, I'll be happy to email you the actual material. On the surface, it seems to break dozens of rules.

    But all that's going on is that it takes a radical approach to NLP - in other words, it goes to the very roots (which is what the word "radical" means) of the discipline in order to derive REAL effects.

    I think this'll get you pumped-up and inspired to create some exciting work.

    Makes sense to me, anyhow.

    What do YOU think, Karolina? :O)

    Sunshine & Blessings,


  • Hi Karolina,

    Thanks for your friendship! :O)

    I just took a glimpse at your NLP vs LOA discussion! Oh, yeahhhhhhh! 

    We gotta talk! :D

    It's more than just avoidance of LOA that has bugged me in the past. I know one hypnotist who's been trained in NLP and claims to be into LOA, but something in the professional NLP/hypnosis culture seems to discourage her & others from letting her light just plain shine!

    And, I have to have some empathy, because I've noticed the same thing in the fount from which NLP/hypnosis arises: artists! Hey! How is it that shamans and holders of folk wisdom (never mind poets) have experienced the type of decline that has become a cliche, in the first place? We're the ones who can do "todo con nada," after all. You'd think we'd be endlessly powerful!

    I've done some experiments to turn this on its head. I've had some success. (In fact, my new group on PI, The Enchanted Factory, is my latest such experiment. An earlier that you might have heard of is the PUSH-BUTTON BLISS on mp3.)

    But it's still an open question.

    Your expertise & fresh pair of eyes could make an amazing difference in transcending this. So, it's wonderful making your acquaintance, Karolina. :O)

    Stay in touch. And, if you've got an artistic bone (or like to hang with such), join the group!

    Sunshine & Blessings,

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    Build your bridge to 2012 with unconditional love, my dear friend; it's the glue that holds your dreams together. ~Dave

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    2 Gifts 4 U myfriend; enjoy both the video by Gisele and my most-recent blog post; Letting Go of your 'I

    Learn to Let Go of Your 'I Knows'

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