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  • Hola, Kat!

    Been a while since I've been on line. Dad has had a stroke and it's taking a lot of my time, but glad to see you're still rockin'!

    Cheers, lass!
  • Hi Kat,

    I recently received a comment I thought was pretty cool, and you were the first person that came to mind when the decision of who to share this with arose!

    Love ya!!!!



    "Project Self requires the tagged blogger to state 8 things they like about themselves, 3 things that they dislike and 5 things that they previously disliked but have learned to love. The tagged blogger must also state something they love about both the person tagging them as well as the individual they decide to tag, and furthermore post a picture that displays at least one of the things they love or dislike about themselves. This is in response to some of the hate and negativity that we have seen popping up in comments all over the place. "

    So, here goes:

    First, something I LOVE about you:
    You have been an inspiration, motivation, and support from the heart-felt words you share in your writing to the powerful words of wisdom provided when you didn't have to say a thing! You reach out in ways that are immeasurable! I love your friendship, your kindness, your warmth, your love, and your strength of character! You continually guide me to BELIEVE in myself . . . and do this for others all the time, too! Your compassion is enormous! Your selflessness incomparable!

    And now, me:
    8 Things I love about me:
    1. My compassion
    2. Being in tune with life
    3. My love for writing
    4. My love for music
    5. My intuitive senses (maybe that goes with being in tune with life? LOL)
    6. My passions and following them
    7. My creativeness
    8. My strength

    I refuse to do 3 things I don't like about me (just like the person that sent this to me!) Not to mention, I'm pretty darn happy with all that I am! I think it works so much better to focus on these positive attributes!

    OK...wait...I really want to quit smoking! And you have been a positive role model in this! Doctor just told me I have pre-emphysemic conditions in my lungs, and I need to change this in my life cause I DON'T like the sound of that! :-) There -- one thing!

    5 things I used to not like, but have learned to love about myself:
    1. The way I look (what did that EVER matter!)
    2. The way I talk (I LOVE to laugh again!)
    3. How I spoke TO my children (Now we talk WITH each other)
    4. My intuitiveness used to scare me (now I embrace each glorious miracle!)
    5. I used to believe I was a victim -- disliked that very much ... but have realized I was and am very strong!

    Hope you enjoyed this little post! I kind of skipped the picture part! LOL My pic is right over there <<<< And I like that color on me :-)

    Now go spread the love and tell a friend what you love about you and what you love about them!
  • Enjoyed the spirit of your site.
  • Photobucket


    have a great night!
  • Hey thr am writin to all my friends as the day is comin closer on 13 th sept my lover will ask me to marry him and we will get married by Nov 08, Plz gve me a moment of ur life add me to ur prayers, i'll be very gr8ful if u do ths wid all ur heart
    Thanks for bein my angel
    Loads of love
  • Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Always, Q.
  • hey, i've not been around for a while, thank u for the message u left on my page,
    love, light and faith xx
  • hello,
    hope every is well if your world ...
    have a wonderful fulfilled weekend ..
    love now and forever in my heart always
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