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  • Thank you Kat

  • Hi Kat hope you are well? 

    I have been on the path of personal development for along time now, and have read numerous books from different schools of thought. 

    At the start of this year I decided to use a diary and write in it every night a gratitude log. Genuinely writing what I am grateful for that day. 

    After about a month the things I was grateful for started get broken, lost, became less, in such a quick way it scared me. I thought I might start to loose loved ones. A lot of material things (which I was very grateful for) got broke, lost or started to cost me more money.So as I said I stopped. 

    I then read & listened to the book switchwords by Liz Dean. I started to use the words in hope to gain some safety and rebuild finances, but again the opposite started to happen.

    so I stopped. but I thought it might be just paranoia and started to use them again especially for financial reasons, I need income & more financial resources but no inclination how to bring them in. But straight away things have got even worse. But the books I have read say keep saying or doing until the items you are gratefull for or want to attract more will manifest. But their haven't, things & events have & are just draining me now. I even started to put youtube on with chants etc that cleans auraus, phsycic attacks etc, which I really never believed in before this year, but this hasn't worked I feel I am under attack or cursed which I thought I wld never say. Cld you advise on how I can turn this around please. :>) I am going to lose my home soon. :">( 

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  • Hello Kat,
    My husband has his own business. No matter how much he earns he has never been able to save money..even the flow of money is very slow and full of anxiety for him. He works really hard but some or the other unnecessary expense never lets him save money for future. Please guide us with a switchwords by which flow of money is smooth and we can even save good for our family
  • Dear Kat,

    Good day ! I stumbled upon your site on switch words
    Got interested and decided to mail you since I couldn't comment or
    post on the site.

    I am in the most worst situation in my life, That's when I saw your site .

    I am married and we both loved each other a lot, Rather I would say used to . Dono what happened. Small tiffs lead to my husband not taking to me at all now and we are staying away . I know how Much We loved eachother , he never used to get angry even if he didn't like something also . So that Pend up emotions burst all of a sudden ,may be. Now he doesn't want anyone ... He is not even in touch with his parents.

    He is a extremely  good person at heart . Everyone loves him. He can't hurt anyone at all that's his original nature . So I wanted To check with you , if I can use some switch words .
    Even though he hates me now ,may be . I know
    He is sad and suffering mentally , I want to help him. I want to give him
    Back to everyone .
    He is anger at me from last one year

    But I don't even have a drop of anger for him. Because I know him that well .

    Please suggest some switch words or any other suggestion,

    I cannot even have a thought about leaving him and go , and am very positive he will realise my move. I want his anger to go away somehow and think sane. There are no major problem between us which cannot be solved. 



  • Hi Kat,

    I need your help with a switchword that can help me relocate to Singapore.Will you please be able to share one. I have been trying this one" Find Divine order count now done"


  • Hey I included the Switchwords U gave me in this video and put your link at the bottom.

    Is that alright to give your link?  

    huggies Kimmy



  • BTW I have your delicious sexy knit makins all over my space

    much appreciated

  • Hey kat, is there a switchword that i can use to attract a big lottery win?
  • Well kat, by the time u answered, the web site started undergoing some maintenance.
This reply was deleted.