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  • I like to play scrabble, but I am always working at some project, so don't take the time to do it, I should because, friends, games and coffee are good for the soul! Kathy
  • By the way I too love cats, coffee, and coffee houses, I also love game night with my buddies...I have a feeling I would have yu playing game night and drinking coffee with us in no time....if you lived here that is
  • Your right it is amazing....the beautiful souls coming forth from everywhere, and your enthusiasm is very much appriciated, I look forward to getting to know more about you!! :) Your loving sister, Andrea.
  • Hi Kathy, thanks so much for the friend invite. I love Wimberley! It's so pretty down there. I live in Arlington.

    I also like Whole Foods. I belong to an organic food coop in my area, which is great.

    Have a great day. Joan
  • Kathy, Are you a Leo? I myself am at the cusp if Leo & virgo.
  • Our meeting was meant to be so. I'm thrilled by it.
  • I'd love that very much Kathy. If you know anything about whatI do, then you also know that we are not meeting by accident. It was ordained long ago.

    I'm giving youon of my emails addy, the other is below my signature block.
  • Thank you for adding me, and what a great idea, getting Texans together!! Yay, I am excited:) Your loving sister, Andrea.
  • Wow I like what I see in your background. I have a small school where I teach Silva And my own subjects on the laws of God. My favoretis Creation vs Evolution. To me they are one and the same.
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