Kendra Richards left a comment for Relationship_Magician
"Hi there! I just now got to your comment and friend request. I'm so sorry I didn't see it sooner. I wanted to respond anyways, though. You said you wanted to pick my brain about relationship stuff. I'm all ears! :) I just hope you remember what you…"
Oct 31, 2016
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"Hello ZH! How are you? I wanted to say thank you for your kind message. It made my day! Hope to hear from ya again. ;)"
Oct 31, 2016
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"Hello Ani,
I'm sorry for replying late! I didn't notice I'd gotten any messages here. Anyways, thanks for your sweet comment! I can't tell you how thrilled I was that you found my relationship information useful. I know it's late, but I wanted to…"
Oct 31, 2016
Kendra Richards replied to jazzy's discussion Manifesting the absence of something in Changing Physical Appearance
"Great topic/question! I'm really glad to see this topic brought up (the topic of manifesting the absence of something) because it's one that doesn't seem to have a lot of information on, but one that a lot of people need to know more about.
Apr 29, 2015
Kendra Richards replied to VeX's discussion Can visualization create contradictive results? in Changing Physical Appearance
"I honestly don't think that (visualizing both) would hinder your results. I guess everyone's circumstances and "ways" of doing it will be different, but in my own experience, when I visualize something I want coming in multiple ways, it often seems…"
Apr 19, 2015