Kerri replied to blue river's discussion Am I on the wrong planet? or is it just me, I don't get it, ( deep sigh) in Indigo Adults
"Hi Blue River,

Hang in there. As an Indigo you may run into people who do not get you.. ESP at work. Please keep in mind it is part of being an Indigo and until you learn these lessons these types of situations will follow you. SO quitting may not…"
May 6, 2009
Kerri left a comment for Ogbonnaya Okey Ukegbu
"Thank you.. I am happy to be here"
May 5, 2009
Kerri replied to Cassie's discussion What exactly does it mean to be "Indigo" in Indigo Adults
"What does it mean to be Indigo?

If you can identify the traits but are still uncertain on what they mean most likely indicates that you are awakening to your inner powers and moving towards discovery and fulfilling your purpose here in life.…"
May 5, 2009
Kerri replied to Barbie's discussion Feeling a bit isolated and depressed in Indigo Adults
"Hi Barbie,

What you are experiecning is absolutly normal. Feelings of rejection can be scary to face. But look how intelligent you are! You are so gifted you KNOW exactly what is holding you back and blocking you from expressing who you are. That…"
May 5, 2009