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  • Hey Kirsten:
    I didn't realize or fully get that besides being an awesome person with great posts you are in ForeverGreen as well. So am I! I love the company, am totally into Abraham (seeing them this weekend) and my tools to live with Abe are in Radical Forgiveness.
    Thanks for your messages!
  • awe thank so much.

    would u join our group.

  • (((Kristen))) thank you so much for the welcome I really appreciate it!
  • Thanks Kirsten!!!

    YES!...We are settled in Florida...and Lovin' It!!!

    Thanks for sending your Amazing Energy my way!!!

    Bob :>)
  • Thanks, Kirsten! I love your upbeat energy! This is an amazing Universe we live in, and I am very grateful to have you as a friend, too!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your wonderful successes ~ and sharing mine, too!!

    Light and love,
  • Hi, Kirsten,

    I realized that I never answered you! I am sure you could be a wonderful coach in any niche you feel passionate about. For me, it is joyful, peaceful parenting (I feel it is one area that I can truly help make this world a better place); for you, it is... ? Whatever it is, I can see that you have access to powerful, beautiful Truth, and I believe the world is screaming for folks like you (even if it doesn't know it yet!) ;-)

    My big issue is attracting clients ~ it is not my forté. Coaching is easy; the business of coaching is what trips me up a little. I believe, though, that I have attracted a wonderful person into my experience who is willing to help me move that aspect forward, so I will certainly keep you posted on how things go! Please do the same for me, Kirsten!!

    Sending you joy and light,
  • i jst saw ur new pics the kids r so sweet :D
  • thanks well lets say im trying to unwind things for me i can c ur njoying time with ur family thats great :D do keep in touch tc b happy keep smilin ALWAYS :D
  • Hey, Kirsten!

    I've been doing informal parenting coaching for years. I had the epiphany to start the coaching practice, but I became stymied by my lack of training, and moreover, my lack of means to obtain training right now. I have been convinced, though, by folks whom I have worked with and by other peers and (sappily-sounding enough) in my heart, that I should walk forward in this direction and not defer this journey, that I have information and resources that other folks really need now, and that I should move forward...

    So, what kind of coaching are you thinking about?

  • Hi, Kirsten,

    What a wonderful community (Parenting from Source) you have created here! I'm delighted and honored to have lucked into it.

    Sending blessings and deep gratitude and joy,

    Marji in New York State
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