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  • Kumu Invite - Front

    Kumu Invite - Back

    Please join us for our opening for KUMU – and exhibition exploring the inner child,
    on Friday 1 August, 6pm til late.

    Old Fire Station Café, 378 High Street, Preston (near Preston train station)

    Art by 37 artists, drawing, spontaneous puppet theatre and jam, music, dance, spoken word, circus performers, cheep bar…..inner child blissful chaos! Love Jeshika
  • Lady Friday, Your slide show was wonderful, and so pretty.
    I wanted to comment on the topic of facing challenges,,,,I'm a little older than you (ha ha) and I have old and wise ideas that work, Protect and keep your spirit close to your self, by that, I'm going to share what happens so often...We call a friend, or tell of our dreams and then, they add to it, and you may risk losing a little of the zest. In venting your wishes you may not beable to maintain and keep them. I've tried it both ways and now, I have my own Journal, I keep my own records of what i want or what I need to do. This has just worked for me in the past few years... Later then I have the choices of proceeding or using the earser on the other end of my pencil. It has been a good workable habit.

    Nancy Anderson
    Astrological consultan

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