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  • Thank you Lea!appreciated!

  • Welcome back dearest lea!

  • Thanks, Lea !

    Happy Saturday !


  • Hi from sunny Italy, nice of you to write, I welcome your friendship too !

  • Hi, Lea

    Nice, neighborly of you to stop by and leave a lovely note for me. It brightened my day! :-)

  • Hello Lea, thank you for your comment on my page.

    "You are a soul whose beauty emerges by journeying inward to where real value lies." 

    Have a blessed and beautiful day.

    Sweet Intentions xx

  • Hi Lea :) Nice to meet you!

  • Dear lea,

    If you want to be a friend to somebody, it's a desire to be fulfilled. Glad to have another friend. Thank you!

  • Sorry for the late reply -- I am currently across the country helping Mom.  :)

    I am a 100% God believer, but I must admit I've never found there being any conflict.  What others call "The Universe" or whatever in my mind is "God".   When I read other people's postings, I exchange the "Universe" for "God" and it seems to work out quite fine.  :)  

    What I finally realized was pointed out by a Christian friend of mine.  Just as we "tell" the Universe what we want, my friend pointed out that the Bible has the phrase, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."  I dunno, sounds the same to me!  :) 

  • Thanks dear, enjoy your day :D

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