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  • Hi hun, thanks for all the wonderful info you passed on, I plan on researching more soon. My ex is very ill right now and needs surgery, so most things have been put to the shelf for abit. Pray for my little family and I will see you soon I hope *hugs*
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    Trust and Acceptance of Yourself and Your Power
    By Larry Wayne and Grace Johnston

    Confidence and inner trust are one and the same in the emotional state. Confidence is your ability to cope and depend upon yourself to create a reality that is dependable. If you don't have confidence, you will create a reality that you cannot depend upon.

    ie: You may have faith and trust in others, but if you don't have it in yourself, you are lost.

    Trust and acceptance - which go hand in hand, are the most powerful tools you have, the most potent energy available to you.

    When you have confidence - or, trust, within you, it produces a positive energy that stills doubt, worry, fear and negative expectations. It has a profound effect on you and others.

    Positive energy is more powerful than negative energy.

    Just think what would happen, if you trusted all your choices and accepted all your decisions - you would be successful in just about everything you do.

    If you don't trust yourself, you don't trust others.

    If you don't trust yourself, it shows up in others. In other words, you attract people and situations that you cannot trust.

    ie: Others accept when you know what you are and do is valuable.

    The reason you don't trust in yourself and your power, the reason you don't accept your talents, gifts and abilities like imagination, free will, self love, is because you learned not to trust, not to accept.

    The reason you don't trust yourself is because it's a learned emotion, but the actions of others should not affect you.

    Now - you must change it. Transmute it, reverse it. Go the opposite - and choose to trust, decide to accept. This is how you get trust and acceptance into your life again.

    If you do not trust and accept yourself and your power, you will not share with your human self the elements that produce oneness and success, you will not let it in.

    It's an issue of lack of self value, lack of self worth and lack of self esteem.

    You will never allow yourself to be, do, or have what you truly need and desire in life, unless you value yourself.

    The biggest mistake you can make is trying to earn worth.

    Saying; "Someday, I will be worthy". If you spend your life trying to attain it, you will fail.

    The human must recognize and understand its worth and value, the importance of its existence in order to use and create with the power that is activated within.

    You cannot expect humans to stay together, if life is a continual stream of broken promises.

    This includes the inner and outer human too.

    If you don't heal this breach of confidence or inner trust, it leads to what is called shamed based behavior.

    Shame cuts you off from all that is real - shame is a learned emotion and when reinforced and internalized, you no longer feel shame, you are shame.

    You are not allowed to make mistakes, you are a mistake. You are not forgivable not only for what you have done, but for who you are.

    Eventually, you decide that you are defective, flawed, or the evil one and in time this destructive energy will do you in.

    ie: People die of shamed based behavior all the time.

    It's so important to see this crisis of confidence or inner trust within you and to end it.

    Unification, thy name is trust!

    Trust is a unity factor. It unites the human and spirit, power and control, thought,

    emotion, action and energy. It affects the whole of your being, it causes miracles to happen.

    Instead of searching for trust and acceptance from others, tell yourself you already have it, then use it, become it.

    You have the power to do something special for yourself. What will it be?

    The simple solution, is to accept that you are value in this moment and stop judgement. You must accept the choice, thought, emotion, action, even if a little at first. Accept - this is the way to accept.

    It is valuing your personal abilities and what they can give to you - not others.

    Trust is like a two edged sword.

    1. Trusting yourself enough to be, do and have the things you want in life, to create the
    reality you desire.

    2. Trusting yourself not to do the things that create pain and suffering. Self sacrifice, self sabotage, self punishment. To say no, if it doesn't seem appropriate or right to you, regardless of who and what it is.

    If you cannot trust that what you think, say, feel and do is enough, then don't waste your
    time. Just continue to be a very humanly human - be like everyone else. This may seem harsh
    but most do not understand the devastating damage that this lack of trust in yourself has on
    you and your life.

    Ask yourself;

    "What does the issue of trust mean to you? What aspect of self lacks in trust?"

    Know this and focus on that specific area - resolve the issue of trust in the aspect
    lacking. This is so important.

    And remember, don't try to do it all at once. Trust and accept, even a little at first and
    you will feel the difference that this makes in your life.

    It's the little things that brings the big things!

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    Together Let's Build Our Dreams
  • Amen! Thanks for reminding me what matters :)
  • A powerful message an thanks for your effort and time in terms of sending it my way. Have a great weekend.
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  • Hi Linda Marie
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    Trust in the beauty of your dreams; trust in you and live your life on purpose! ~Dave

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    Together We Can Change The World
  • Thank you Linda......... Orkut MySpace Hi5 Scrap Images Weekend Comments
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