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  • Hi,Casper, I'm happy to hear that your dreams are coming true and that soon you're going to be rich and free to do what you want. As for me, I'm waiting for tha Confederacy of Light to take won't be long....a few years...
    ......Have a nice day..........
  • Hello my name is Charles and I came to this site to meet entrepeneur's who want to be successful. If you add me as a friend we can network sometime.
  • I added you on skype, not sure how often I am on there...but have a wondeful day!
  • Hey Casper. I am still learning this internet stuff. Don't have skype or at least I don't think so. I will definitely check out your site. I am currently filing paperwork as a charity organization to work with families, especially families with special needs children, to focus on fitness, health and wellness. We support the families, implement programs and provide outstanding resources. What is it that you do? JoAnn
  • Heisann! Ikke vært innom på en stund nå, så må nok skjerpe meg litt med manifisteringen.... :)) Blir borte noen uker nå pga. ferie. er en gjeng med "gamlinger" som drar til Stryn for litt fritidsaktiviteter, ski, klatring, fjellet etc.. Ha en strålende sommer!!
  • Will do;) enjoy it! Its rain here...but lookin forward to sunshine. Have a nice time...
  • Just beginning to see where the healing path takes me: be it a mesh of western/eastern, herbs, chakras, I have no idea. I work closely with people who have opened a new world to me-i had begun to lose faith in my profession a while back. I have not heard of your co, but I could do a little search. I live in the upper west side of Manhattan, the best place to live;)
  • Hello Casper!

    Thank you for your message.
    Keeping my intentions in the light and love.
  • Hi Casper
    Life in the US is fabulous and getting better each day. Have you ever been to the US? How great the internet is to be able to connect with people from around the world. I have been studying the universal laws for about 9 months now and my life has changed sooooo much since. How about you? I look forward to learning and finding out more about everyone's experiences. JoAnn
  • Currently, I'm a pharmacist. I am funding my job less than satisfactory, and though I am meant to be a healer, I am n search of my real passion. In the meantime, I'm manifesting a better job with same pay, less hours for my time. I need something nourishing and balanced. Retail pharmacy is not it. How about you?
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