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  • I love the city! You would like to move here? I haven't been into the loa long, but this year I began a journey to discover how to take my life out of a dark place and become someone full of joy, happiness and love. Its going to be a long one, but everyday is something new and amazing. You?
  • Hi Casper Im Susie from London, you know what they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, well that I guess is how I found out about all this, as soon as one person mentioned it to me, situations developed where more people mentioned it. Strangest thing was I felt like it was something I had always known but somehow had forgotton.

    Welcome to the site, Casper :-)
    Warm Blessings and Be Well...Michael

  • Hei Casper.

    Koselig med en Oslo-kompis!

    Jeg har ikke "oppdaget" The Secret, men har kjent til Loven om Tiltrekning siden jeg var 17 år. Har praktisert dette med skiftende flax siden da. Dette er bare livet mitt, hverken mer eller mindre. Jeg kan bli mye bedre og lære å gi mer slipp, tro mer, men det kommer når tiden er inne.

    Og du da? Hva er det for en buisnes som er beskrevet på din hjemmeside? Er ikke interessert i noe partnerskap, men er bare nysgjerrig. :)

    Klem ;-))
  • Hei Casper,
    Jeg hadde vist "What The Bleep Do We know" til en venn av meg for et par år siden. Noen måneder etterpå fortalte han at han hadde sett The Secret hos en annen venn som hadde lastet den nett fra nett. Jeg fikk en kopi av den (den første versjonen med Abraham-Hicks). Dette var selvsagt pefekt timet (som alt annet!) og gjorde underverker for min videre personlig utvikling. Mye har skjedd siden da, og nå har jeg endret trossystemet mitt fullstendig. Jeg er nå bevisst at jeg bokstavlig talt manifisterer verden selv, og leker med dette hver eneste dag. The Secret var egentlig en bekreftelse på tanker jeg allerede gikk med på det tidspunktet. Det var godt men en slik bekreftelse.
    Og du?
  • Hejsan!
    Jodå manifesteringen går bra här, det är mer tålamodet jag behöver arbeta på :)
    hur går det för dig?
  • heyyyyyyyyy! great to see you on here :) where's "Big Thinker" gone then?
  • I haven't seen the movie yet i only have read the book.

    Robert Kiyosaki? He's absolutely great.

    I'm studying mechanics at my high school but i hate it. But i never watch LOL. I'm studying bussiness and i'm giving at it all the time i can. I don't go to a school for that. But i educate myself on hundreds of sources. Besides you don't have to go to school to learn.
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  • Athens is so beautiful. I really really love athens.

    Anyway how i got into the secret is a big story.

    I'm in love with a girl which goes to the university of athens at the theological department. Anyway i didn't manage to make a relationship with her and i'm still in love with her more and more every day. She's an angel. Thing is one night i was so dissapointed of myself i really wanted to suicide and it was because of her. I wanted many times to suicide so it was another one of those times. that night i cried all night as always and i really wanted answers.
    And because i really wanted answers i attracted the book in a phenomenal way.

    As i said i'm in love with a theologist.

    That days i wasn't going to scool. I had skipped school for 2 weeks going only for some hours every day and i mean only 1 or 2 hours. That day i had a religion lesson and i was surely going to attend it cause i had an emotional bond with that lesson. Thatday we had seven hours i went only to the fifth which was religion.

    And it happened there. It was our last lesson before easter and the teacher let us to do whatever we wanted and the whole class was talking to each other. I was also doing that. That day some girls came from another class which happened not to have a lesson at that hour for special reasons and they were talking to the teacher. After some hour in which there were talking i started noticing what they were saying without giving attention to the noise the students were making and i wasn't participating in the noise.

    There were talking about the secret. I thought it was a novel at first but when i was starting to understand i asked my theology teacher if it had to do with a Paulo Coehlio phrase which says that if you want something so much the whole universe conspires on how to get it. She said it was about that. I asked to leave class earlier and she let me so i rushed into the nearby mall. I didn't have money to buy the book but i really needed it so i was lucky? enough to find it in the bookstore of that mall. In that bookstore you can read the books for free inside a special room. So i read it many times and from there on i have succeeded a lot in using LOA.

    And what's left is the girl which i love so much.
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