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  • As for plans for the summer, I was trying to find a use for vacation...was going to Greece or maybe Italy. Unsure...its already a month over! Other than that, new job and a lot of self-healing endeavors. Exciting! Besides tanning, I mean:)
  • Hi Casper!
    Thanks for writing! As I just joined this website I was not sure how it worked.
    Life in Canada is great! I love this country. Have done a bit of travelling in my time and I still think Canada and especially, British Columbia is pretty awesome. I have been into the Law of Attraction for about 2 years now. I have seriously been studying many interests in spirituality for a while now. How about you?
  • A tan! Must be lovely...I don't get out much BC of work. I look forward to speaking more as well. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here 12 hours a day!
  • Hi Casper,
    Thanks for the comment. It has been about a year now. How about you?
    It has been up and down throughout the year though so I can really say I have stayed with it.
  • Weekend was great and tiring! How was yours? I have two names on skype, but that's my new one since I had to re-download. We have nothing but rain, so just trying to enjoy is it in your neck of the woods?
  • Hi Casper! Thanks for your note - great to meet you! I first heard about the Law of Attraction a few years ago, however, have been blocked due to too much going on in my life. I feel ready to tap into its powerful energy now. Any tips you can provide would be so much appreciated!!
  • Hi Casper! Thanks for the comment on my page. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance! Best of luck to you with your mentoring!
  • Excellent weekend.. I am off to a good start (again)... getting past the doubt is my weak link right now. That probably comes from other people I guess.. 'magical' thinking isn't 'logical' so, not a lot of support regarding it. That is why I joined the board.. to hear stories to know I'm not crazy.. or weird.. haha.
  • Hi. I have been 'on board' so to speak for about a year and half.... lost sight of goals, then back for the long haul! Thanks and have a great day.
  • Hi Casper!
    Thanks for writing me a note. Ive been into the law of attraction for about a year. Ive been sharing more and more with my daughter and wife and believe they are really getting it too.
    Ive also been "testing" it too in little areas of my life and am a firm believer in this. This is soo much bigger than we are and its amazing to be a part of it. Take care!
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