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  • I am in the real estate business. Also going to massage school part time and am an avid Anusara Yoga student. How about you?
  • Manhattan is great indeed! The manifestations are coming along. Just figuring out how to balance my power. Should be an interesting time as a Jedi in training
  • Hey Casper, thanks for the hello.
    Its been a year now since I've been a student of the law of attraction. I am just beginning my path as a Life Coach. What about yourself?
  • Ahhh you are getting to know my schedule! I have off Sunday and Monday, so no I haven't been on there:( I will be sun, and you are added. Have a great day:)
  • Hi Casper! Thanks for your note! I discovered Law of Attraction sometime last year and began listening to Abraham Hicks in my car on the way to work. It has helped me to learn to think in a totally different way and makes life so much more enjoyable and fun!

    I'd love to get to Norway. I'll put it on my list of intentions!

    Take care,
    Mary Jane
  • my husband and I read the book shortly after the Secret last year and have realized that a lot needed to change in our lives. I forgot about the readings and went on with life only to fall back to that place of negativity and stress. We are new here in SD and trying to be focused on the things we want to attract in our lives. How about you?
  • Hi Casper,

    Thank for ur comment! Actually i just joined yesterday. Its really nice to find a place were people like us can actually meet and share our collective consiousness for a good cause. It gives hope to a better world.
  • Life's awesome! I've watched the "Secret" last year so I year even though somehow I had an inkling of the Law of Attraction all throughout my life...
  • Hmmm Norway, never been:) I glanced at your page for a second, but I didn't get a chance to really check it out but I will next day off. Let me know when you come to ny, I'm generally around. My goal was to travel this year, then I got into other projects.
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