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  • Howdy Casper! Thanks for the welcome. Probably a bit warmer here than there, but life is goooood. And getting better day by day. I didn't realize quite the extent to which people are spread out at this site. Hows the life over there?
  • Hi Casper, sounds great will have to have a good look soon. I am in the process of packing, Im moving house, so should be all straight in about a week?

    So much to do, will be in contact xx
  • Hi Casper, Im from the midlands. About 20 miles outside Birmingham. Used to be a lovely little village, now their just building everywhere.

    Checked out your wed site, is that one of those pyramid sellings things?
  • You're a music man?

    Check out this guy ! He's on my Coaching Program, and he's one of the coolest guys I have ever met. he's in Malmo, Sweden. This boy can REALLY play guitar!
    ..and man does he know people! He's not the kind of guy that would join here. Or anywhere where there is lots of email or computer work, but he's a great guy. I've known him for about 4 years now.

    Not been to Oslo, or anywhere in Norway yet, but I've got an open invite from Ketil

    More later Amigo!

  • Thanks for the info Casper. I'm a familiar with Lifepath. How is it going for you?

    I spent a lot of time in Personal Development when I was younger. It was fun and profitable, but not very fulfilling for me. For real excitement and fulfilment we need to get into the most exciting field in the world! The Inward Journey Of Self-Discovery! It beats all the external stimulations stuff hands down! :)

    I'm on Skype at 'TimeOfYourLife', but I really don't like it, or use it unless I have to. The quality of the line is too low for the work I do, so the chances of finding it switeched on on my comuter is as close to zero as you can get! Ha!

    Keep smiling Casper!

  • Hiya Casper, I work with learning difficulties and the eldery. Not brilliant pay but can be rewarding in other ways.

    How about yourself?
  • Hey Casper...

    Yes I started my business and my community myself. I have a background in starting many multi-million dollar enterprises, so starting a small coaching business is no big deal!

    The guy building the community websitee is one of my coaching clients. I've got active members in 10 countries right now. We will probably have 6 or 7 community websites in the group soon covering, Show jumping, Inca Philosophy, Women in Business, Spiritual Development, Network Marketing, Coaching, People who live aboard boats, Entrepreneurs ..and some of us will have more than one community to run, most will join several.

    One of my dearest friends and one of your countrymen lives near you, in Oslo. He's out of the city to the south. His name is Ketil Kristiansen, he's a very cool guy.

    Check him out on YouTube here
  • Hi Casper/
    I'v been into law of attraction for about 15 years now/ So I did not know I'm in/
    I'v been living and doing intentionally for a past 2 years/ Started by watching The Secret/ It is so much fun to creat your life and constantly discover new ideas, methods/
  • I was introduced to my new lifestyle about three years ago by someone I was dating at the time. At first I found him to be an extreme optimist and blew him off. I looked into things that he had spoken about and also bought the movie "What the Bleep Down the Rabbit Hole." The power of intention really intrigued me, so I began studying more and more. I of course watched "The Secret" and read quite a few books on quantum theory and things of that nature. I began doing affirmations and slowly life began transforming into what I had envisioined it to be. I was listening to late night radio at 2 a.m. and I heard reference to this website, so I decided to join. It seems difficult to meet like-minded people in my area.
  • Well, I guess some people would say I don't do anything at all!

    It's really not like work..I have a Coaching Practice. It's a little different than most. It's like Hotel California in The Eagles song. People can check out, but they never leave! ha! I've got people who have been with me from the start over 8 years ago. Too much to tell, but you can read until you fall asleep here

    Everyone in the Coaching Program knows each they, they do business together, go on vacations together, we all meet up once a year. Cool group..mostly Scandinavians!

    They all came to Spain last year..we had a great time..youngest was 19, oldest was 77..non-conformists, all of them! I'm having a Community Website built, somewhat like this one..should be ready to test this month.

    How about you..what do you do my friend?
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