Lula left a comment for Lotus
"Hi Lotus,

I'm new to the site and have been browsing through stuff and you keep popping up. Bit of coincidence really - (or perhaps not) - that you posted about the LOA and fertility last year. I clicked on your page by chance as I keep seeing you…"
Jul 9, 2009
Lula left a comment for Mitch McQuinn
"Hi again Mitch,

Thanks for replying, I will check out those books, sounds interesting. I've read an Abraham-Hicks one too and it did take me a while to get over the Abraham bit as I was bit skeptical but it was a great book and it brought me here.…"
Jul 8, 2009
Lula left a comment for Mitch McQuinn
"Hi Mitch,
Sorry to crash your page! I was just reading through a thread where you mentioned something about the Seth books and I wondered what these are? I'm new to this site and am interested in everything at the moment.
Have a cool day."
Jul 7, 2009
Lula left a comment for Chris Handley
"hey chris, cool ideas about the music, hope it all happens for you - never give up. x"
Jul 3, 2009
Lula left a comment for Melissa K
"Hi Melissa,
Thanks for your comment, really interesting to read your page - hope I succeed just as well one day!
Have a cool day :-)"
Jul 1, 2009