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  • hi Michael, thank you for the welcome. Like almost everything in my life, i start something and then i just leave it half finished, so i kinda forgot about this website. :) well, im here again now. so have a good day.

  • it was lovely a pleasure to listen to,thk u

  • Thank you for the welcome. Made me smile :)

  • Thank you for the warm welcome,Michael.I am glad to be here, amongst Positive Minded individuals.

  • THANK YOUOUOU for the lovely photo Michael !!!

    (it looks like a Beautiful Sunny Day as it is here in France :-D Well, here it is spring, a Beautiful One :-D )

    (I love Buenos Aires, And the people There it is A Very Special Place to Me !!! Have Fun There : Both of YouOUOU ;-D !!! HUGS to Beautiful TwoOfYououOU !!! :-D :-D :-D

    S. :-D

  • Lots of Love to YououOU Michael !!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    Thank You Thank YououOU THANK YOU for all your Beautiful messages & especially about how both of You met, Polina & You !!!

    YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE & I am really Happy & Honoured to know You Two !!!

    (I do not have time to write often, as I enjoy Life more & more & more & the Time with my Twin Flamme Philippe, & many Other Beautiful Lucks, Divine Gifts, Graces, "&" ;-) I "work" on myself to try to improve everyday or nearly -I wish I could that much but sometimes the lesson is just patience ;-D yet I Am Very Happy of the Results each Day more Beautiful!! BUT I DO THINK ABOUT THE TWO OF YOU WHO ARE SooO Sweet & Nice & Magic !!! :-) ;-) ;-D )

    Have a Beautiful Day !!!

  • Wow so beautiful :)

  • Aloha Michael, thankyou for the friend request

  • Thank you for the picture that you left on my page! I love it! It is so true too! I am a dreamer and a believer!

  • Wow it is beautiful...:) 

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