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  • Hi Mallica, Can I find a way to get in touch with you? please!

    I never asked this before but your words and way of thinking is exactly what I am looking for, I would appreciate any input you would have on my story. 

    I noticed most of Malica's posts are old. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with her please inform me.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Mallica. Your are amazingly wise woman, I read many of your responses and I admire your insights. Not sure, if you are still visiting this site, if so, could you please accept my request for being a friend. I do not want to disturb you in any way, but I know you can give me the best answer to my problem (just a little one). I know that with LOA and your help I can do it! and I am currently working on it.

    I can imagine, that there must be many people asking for your help and knowing you busy woman, I will understand if you decide not to reply, but please be my friend anyways! thank you

  • Hi Mallica i just read your post on how to get your ex back from 2009. Wow! Amazibg. Im new at this loa, im struggling big time with my girl. Thank you so much for sharing
  • Mallica and friends of this trend. Amazing gift to find all these stories and sharing. connection, pain and passion are what I see from reading this. I was devastated two weeks ago w my recent breakup. My heart was broken because I gave it away so much without knowing who I was. Cannot say on its end but i essentially the relationship became "restraining" for our growth. He concluded at the time that he was not in the right space for comitted relationship. He wanted to change career or even location of stay. He felt uncertain w life and our relationship was not helping.

    I was hurt but can now see. in fact, I was restrained by it too (I have gave up so much of my lifestyles and career mindset just to be with him). It is ironic - I felt the same thing (maybe even more)

    Sad however as i still believe wevare compatible in terms of understanding. I really think things failed because we were both unaware to make the best timely communication/commitment. And now too late. We are both similar and different at the same time. I want to connect again but cannot tell yet whether it is out of ego, fear or genuine love.

    Look forward to continuous dialogue w you all,
  • Hi Mallica, let me begin by saying your post on how how get your ex back has singlehandedly changed my life, I feel much better now, having practiced letting go, but despair every now and then. My story is the same as everybody else's - we broke up last year after which, unable to take the pain I move dto another city, we have had no contact AT ALL since then, w ehave no common friends, in other words, there is no way I know of how he is and vice versa - the rouble is I still feel the same for him and want him back, not one bit less I love him. We're miles away and have not seen/spoken to each other in a year, but he appears in my dreams so often, frequently telling me that he's with someone now..even that has not deterred me, please guide me, I'm working on getting my energies centred, and sending him gentle love across - but no response from him...please tell me what to do..time just seems to slip by...there's no sign of him, but I feel just as strongly about him as I did first day of our togetherness...contacting him is out of question, considering the way we parted ways...please guide me..

  • hey mallica im new to PI and would like to be your friend you seem to help alot of people on here. I would really appreciate some help understanding your methods. it appears on my own im only making my situation desperatley worse

  • Hey Mallica,


    Your post is what really helped me see the light in my situation. What happened was 2 weeks ago, my ex and I (then, boyfriend) had the time of our lives, he told me he was crazy about me and was so committed to me and convinced that I was the perfect girl for him. Then, about the last week and a half, he's been acting very distant, awkward, strange, and rude. And so I knew something was up. This past Wednesday, I wrote him a letter expressing my concerns and that I felt like he didn't care or respect me enough, not like he used to at least. I feel this happened because I forgot about my needs and gave in way too much to him, and to the relationship, which ultimately pushed him away, made him overly comfortable, and decided that we "just aren't good for each other.". I didn't beg, I explained to him what I thought had happened to us. His reason for wanting to breakup is that he "just wants to be single and doesn't feel like he loves me like that anymore. He "loves" and "cares" about me but doesn't feel "it" anymore and wants to be single." He also want(ed) to be friends because he still wants me in his life, but I told him that would not be possible. He added that he's turning 21 and that from 21-25 are his prime years to be single and to focus on himself. None of this makes sense to me. How can you be crazy about someone and then 2 wks later end it because you suddenly don't feel "it" anymore? I want him back. I would focus more on me. I just don't know what he REALLY meant and I'm confused and worried. What do you think it is? Do you think there is still a chance? I've been reading the posts on this topic a lot, and I stated my desires and intentions and this morning I got a sign- while going to work, I put my ipod on Beyonce's "Single Ladies", on shuffle, and soon after that song, a Romanian (my ex is Romanian) song came on that I used to joke around with him that I haven't heard since we first started dating 1.5yrs ago. Help!

  • Hey Malica!


    I read your post on getting our ex back and found it very useful. It has been my guide these last 4 months and has helped me through many tough spots. So thankyou so much for posting up this wealth of information! it is amazing :D I need to ask you a bit of a question. Its been 4 months since the break up and i have given my ex all the space and improved myself, removed all his things from sight, was set on moving on and then found i still love him and cant stop thinking about him. He has made no contact with me except for my birthday and that was platonic. my question is what do i need to sucsessfully attract him back to me, so he start to message me and contact me. btw we go to the same uni and see eachother everyday, we dont talk to eachother but often pretend not to see eachother, usualy me who say confidently hello how are you, but he does not. i dont understand. Im not sure what im doing wrong. Can you please help me out? I would really appreciate your help, the last few days have been intense emotionaly for me.

  • hey when you not to busy could you respond, thanks
  • Hye malica..what group do you have?..may i join?
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