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  • MALLICA@@@@@@@@@@I LOVE YOU@@@@@@@@@@@@@ so happy to see you!!!!

    Imagine now my @@@@@s as flowers of brilliant colors. THat is how i feel when i see you here today!!!! Love Cheryl

  • hey Mallica

    I'm trying to contact you for a couple of days now. I would love to buy your book "Get Your Ex Back - Easily!: From Tears To Cheers" but unfortunately says there's a problem with the payment -.- I won't give up until I read your book so please tell me if there is any other way to buy your book? I know we both live in Europe, so maybe I would pay you with euro directly on your account (please, let's do this with euro, not this unfortunate dollars :D) and you would send me a pdf version of the book, hm?
    Let me know what you think about it :)

  • Your lifestyle as an architect and author sounds so lovely!!! I hope to read your book of the subconsious mind sometime is it also available at Barnes and Noble?

  • Hi Mallica,

    I just finished reading your book about getting your ex back. Unfortunately, I stumbled on this pretty late in my breakup. I have been apart from my ex 9 and a half months. I have done just about everything "wrong," especially in the first 2 months. We have been in contact every month since the breakup, mostly due to me although in August and September, he did most, if not all, of the initiating. He disappeared in October and then texted me (first text I had received from him since the breakup) last month (November). I did not handle it very made me anxious and I started asking pressuresome questions. He has since disappeared again, saying that it is best we don't have contact since it only appears to hurt me and because we still have feelings for one another we probably can't be friends at this point (which is fine since I told him this wasn't what I wanted anyways). My question is this (and I think I know the answer, but you have more expertise in LOA so I'd like an expert opinion): is it too late for no contact and LOA? So much damage has been done and it has been over 9 months since we parted. Thank you in advance for your advice!
  • Dear Mallica, I just finished reading the getting-ex-back thread and realized that you have your own group now.  may I also join please?  advice on that thread was great and inspiring, but my situation is kind of twisted, and I just cant' see any way that LOA can be applied.  One thing I am fairly sure about - I did attract the negative things into my marriage with my thinking.  Please help me become even more successful in manifesting positive and happy things.  I feel so cornered right now.  love and blessings!

  • Many happy returns of the day, Mallica!!!

  • HI Mallica,


    How can I send you a private message?  I have registered in your personal website and waiting confirmation. Please let me know how I can send you a PM.

  • Dear Mallica,

    Thank you for accepting me as a friend here. I was overjoyed to see you on chat on Friday and being able to speak with you, It made me feel calmer. I'm on page 71 of the comments on Getting Your Ex Back, I read a little every night as the vibes and energy feels so positive, i dont want the thread to ever end. I keep hoping to see you again. I check loafreecoaching daily to see when I would be approved.

    Mallica, will you please be my mentor in relationships and life, in learning how to use the law of attraction for happiness and to help others?

    Thank you.
  • Dear Mallica, please add me as a friend. Thank you.

  • Dear Mallica, thank you so much for adding me as your friend. You are an exeptional woman and I wish you all the best. love. edita

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